What About Sex…?

Going through a separation or divorce is always a traumatic experience. Even the easiest and friendliest divorce can cause feelings of regret, failure, and nostalgia. Experts have said that the longer you have been in a committed relationship, the longer it takes to heal if that relationship ends; it could take months or years; give yourself time.

Individuals differ greatly in how they heal. Some people cope best by going to a counselor. Some pour themselves into their work, a hobby, or a stringent exercise program. Still others heal best through faith or religious studies and experiences.

When things begin to ease and settle down after the separation or divorce questions regarding sex invariably arise in the mind of the divorcees , such as “Can I ever have sex again? “ or if so, “When will I ever have sex again?” Sex is such an integral part of a marriage relationship that these questions were most likely not necessary. Now, life is different. There are those who decide to have casual sex.  For instance when the children are with the ex for the time being they may go on the prowl. Is this healthy? Is it something you should do? We can’t answer that for you. Each person must make his or her own decision.

There are two distinct ways of thinking about the issue. Some people feel that casual sex can bring happiness and help you go on with your life. Others, the majority however, argue that sex is never casual, and you should not see it that way. There is a definite danger if you view the sex as casual and your partner does not.

Consider these ideas and how you can best heal and move forward past the divorce.

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