Using Experts in Divorce

While our family law attorneys are experienced in helping families throughout the divorce process, they are experts in the law. Child advocate Caroline Choi recently shared a few other experts you may want to consider using, and we thought we’d share her information with you. An expert can be court-appointed or retained by you and/or your spouse.

1- Psychological experts: This can include a private child custody evaluator who can recommend a custody arrangement to the courts. You may also consider therapy for you and your children during the difficult time.

2- Vocational experts: If one spouse hasn’t been actively working, a vocational expert may need to evaluate that spouse’s ability to find and hold a job. This could substantially help determine child and/or spousal support.

3- Income experts: An income expert can help crunch numbers to determine support payments in trickier financial circumstances.

4- Real estate experts: If you’re unsure or disagree about how much your property is worth, a real estate expert can conduct a formal appraisal to be used by the court.

5- Business valuation experts- If you and your spouse are business partners, a business valuation expert can help determine which portion of the business is separate property and which is community property. This is invaluable to determining assets and debts.