There’s Always a Silver Lining

As devastating and stressful as divorce can be, going through it with the right attitude can help us learn and grow. No one gets married planning on a divorce, but far too often it happens. We have a choice at that juncture in life; we can become bitter and depressed, or we can focus on moving forward and trying to make life better.

Attitude is a choice. The person you hurt the most with stubbornness or anger is yourself. Try to react to the situation by appreciating the people who are now supporting you, and the good times that you have had with those who now are causing you pain.  
One other positive attitude you can take away from this situation is the realization that everything in life changes, so we need to make each day the best we can. How will you choose to live today? A divorce or separation isn’t the end of the world for you or your kds. Choose to see the good in every situation and begin rebuilding your friends and family.

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