The Power of Words

Bitterness, hateful words, and negative body language toward your ex may make yo feel good for the moment, but in actuality they can only eat you up inside and harm your children. Self control when communicating with your ex or about your ex can create a more peaceful relationship for you and your kids.

Here are some things that are better left unsaid

1.     “It’s all your fault – It may be true, but what good does it do to rub it in. It solves nothing. Deal with the problem at hand in a calm and businesslike manner. If that’s not possible, walk away.

2.     “You never … , or You always …” Almost nobody never does something, or always does something. That is an exaggeration. Be specific regarding the present situation.

3.     Don’t use the words “Really! “Or “Whatever!”  These over-used and over-emphasized words mean nothing, and make you appear juvenile.

4.     “Thank God I don’t have to take this anymore.” Of course you don’t, you’re divorced Why reiterate the obvious. You end up looking foolish and out of control.

Here are some things that can be difficult to say, but make every situation better.

1.     “Thank you!” Whenever possible look for the positive. For instance if your ex does you a favor.

2.     “What can I do to help?” Kind words are helpful and soothing to everyone, and you may find them coming back to you.


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