Survival Guide

Anyone going through a traumatic circumstance such as a divorce needs an occasional distraction. When your world is ostensibly coming apart at the seams it can consume you if you allow it to do so.

Here are some dos and don’ts suggested by Tracy Schorn, cartoonist, that helped her survive.
1.     Humor – Remember this quote, “All experience is great providing you live through it. If it kills you, you’ve gone too far.” By Alice Neel
2.     Music – Listen to music that makes you feel good, something to sing along with or that causes you to tap your toes. Don’t listen to sad sappy songs. They only bring you down.
3.     Get out- Go to: your favorite restaurant, visit friends, see a funny movie, the fair, any place fun.
4.     Treat yourself – Buy something new (not too expensive).
5.     Spend time with things that inspire you: art, museums, nature, church; anyplace that touches your inner spirit.
6.     Find a new hobby, or take a class and learn something new.
Nothing earth shattering here, but it can be surprising how choosing to think about positive things can keep you emotionally healthy.

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