Spruce Up Your Home

Author and divorce blogger Lois Tarter recently wrote a post regarding a new, fun way to help you move on from your marriage– a home makeover! You may have the place to yourself now, and the way your house/apartment looks may remind you of your husband or wife. It may not be the smartest time to invest in a big renovation or new home, but there are cheap ways to do it right.

– Fill Up Space. You’ll see empty space now that your ex is gone and it’s important to fill that space so it’s not a constant reminder. No one would want to see a “void” in their home. Fill the other half of the closet, take all drawers in the fridge, put up new wall art, etc.

– Change Wall Colors. This will do wonders for reminding yourself that this is a new space with new meaning. It truly is a new beginning and you want to feel like you get to start fresh.

– Plant Something New. Plants can be fairly inexpensive and it’s a good way to make the yard feel new again.

– Remake Your Bed. You may have made it based on what side you sleep on or what your ex’s preferences were. Your bed is, in the literal and figurative sense, all yours now to do with as you please. Burn those old sheets, get lots of sleep and get that comforter you always wanted but your ex hated.

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