Why It’s Better to Be a Single Parent

Bohm Wildish: Divorce Advice – Being a single parent is not an ideal situation. No matter how you spin it, almost everyone agrees that having two parents is better than one. However, being a single parent post-divorce or separation gets a worse rep than it deserves, and there are advantages to raising children alone.

Rather than trying to work with your ex to make parenting compromises, you’ll get to make your own decisions. Kerri Zane, single mother advisor, offers five reasons that being a single parent actually can be better:

1- No negotiations necessary. Parents trying to co-parent will continue to fight and deal with disagreeing views on how to raise their children. All the fighting and disagreeing can make both environments unhealthy for your child. As a single parent you can be the security blanket and the healthy, loving parent that your child needs.

2- Independent role model. You can show your children that they can make it on their own. While that may not be what you want for your son or daughter, it’s a great example of being a strong independent man or woman.

3- Relationship options may vary. A recent study showed that just over half of American adults are married. That’s the lowest percentage in history. Sometimes long-term relationships without a wedding band can be more healthy, and better for your children.

4- Bed sharing not required. The PG version of this reason is that not sharing a bed is actually better for your sleep patterns. The other side of the reason being that, while some people find it against their personal beliefs/values, sex can be a lot more fun with different partners.

5- Building a better body. Many married men and women gain weight during the marriage and become less secure with themselves. Being a single parent might actually be the time of your life when you feel most confident and sexy.

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