Perks of Single Parenting

California Divorce and Family Law Firm – Bohm Wildish: There are few things harder about post-divorce or post-separation life than single or co-parenting. But if your marriage was slightly dysfunctional and your parenting style wasn’t working in the relationship, you may actually find single parenting refreshing. Either way, there will be challenges to not having your partner living under the same roof while you raise your children, but there are definitely perks as well.

For example, think of the undivided time you will get to spend with your child. Sure, you may need to split time with your ex if you don’t have full custody. But when your child is under your roof he/she is all yours. That’s endless time for parent/child bonding!

HuffPost divorce recently asked their readers to share the positive benefits of single parenting. What better place to learn than from people who are fully invested and enjoying single parenting. Maybe some of these gems will encourage you as you being your life after divorce as a mother or father.

– Making decisions without getting someone else’s consent

– Your ex may actually spend more quality time with the kids now that you’re separated

– No arguments about how to discipline

– No more losing battles at a personal loss to try to stay a positive parent

– No challenge of authority… it’s your way or no one’s way!

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