What Do you Do If Your Husband Cheats? A Smart Woman’s Guide to Divorce

Is he cheating on you? What you need to know and how to have a smart divorce.

Most women don’t want to face the facts when they discover their husband is cheating. What do you do first? And how do you not make a big mistake when you are in the middle of an emotionally-traumatic time? These divorce tips could pave the way to a smart divorce for those women who unfortunately end up with cheating husbands.

First, it is important to hire a qualified attorney who specializes in family law. A divorce lawyer can keep you on the right track even when your emotions are going up and down and around again. In fact, hiring the wrong attorney (or no attorney at all) can lead to many years of psychological, emotional and financial stress.

This is the time to be smart and not to let your emotions run your world. And information is key. Learn how to protect yourself by studying up about the divorce process (see links below). You may also want to considering keeping track of dates, times, documents and any unusual spousal behaviors in a daily journal.

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How Do You Get Evidence?

After trying many tactics, are you still unable to obtain any real evidence of an affair? You may want to think about hiring someone (such as a private detective) who is trained at getting evidence. This is especially important for wives who feel like their husbands are lying about an affair or the money spent on an affair.

Remember, even in no-fault divorce, an infidelity can sway the settlement one way or the other and any hard evidence you can obtain only makes your case stronger.

Also, arm your emotions with this other sobering reality: some cheaters play the blame game. Don’t be surprised if your husband tries to blame you for the affair. Don’t buy it. He cheated. He is responsible and must now be accountable for his actions even if it leads to divorce and legal separation from his children.

Divorce is complicated and you must continually educate yourself. Here’s more information about divorce and children, spousal support, child support and the other seemingly never-ending details to divorce.

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