Gray Divorce Revolution

A used-to-be great marriage, three kids and a few dogs later… there is an increasing number of spouses that are getting divorced in their 40’s and 50’s. Once you send the last kid of to college and you actually have to start focusing on your relationship again, your relationship may crumble.

And that can be scary. You might be terrified of being lonely, running out of money, never dating again, etc. CollegeBounder Founder Tira Harpaz shares these tips from anyone going through this “Gray Divorce.”

Know your divorce agreement inside and out. Your divorce attorney should be explaining it to you, but do your own homework and make sure you know what your circumstances are.

Reach out to friends. This is not a time to accept being lonely or having too much pride to ask for help. If you feel yourself falling into a stoop and needing some friend time, tell them that! Your friends should be a strong support system for you– even just onw or two good friends can make all the difference.

Make time for yourself. “Me” time can be invaluable. Sleep, exercise, watch your favorite TV shows and read books. These can all be relaxing, rejuvenating exercises that can remind you that you can be happy on your own.

Let go. There will be times when you can’t control those feelings of loss, fear or loneliness. There will be times when you need to simply accept your situation and try to make the best of it. Choose to see the positive in where you currently are, instead of trying to alter each day to fit the reality you think you deserve.