Getting Over Your Ex

We’ve written before about the many different ways to get over an ex post-divorce. If you googled the idea, you could probably find 100 different ways from thousands of people who have different ideas about how to move past a messy divorce. So instead of providing a long list, we thought we’d share just three things to consider if you’re recently divorced. Remember that divorce isn’t easy on anyone and you will find new hills to climb each day, but keep moving forward and it will get easier.

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash recently spoke about these three ideas to get over your ex, and we think they’re great.

1) Unfollow or hide your ex from all social media sites. Obviously this suggestion is just one that became prevalent in the past decade, but it’s extremely important. Too many of us won’t be able to resist the urge to stalk pictures and updates our ex or his/her friends post. We promise that it’s not healthy for you at all. It may make you feel angry, lonely, depressed, confused, etc. It’s not healthy. So get rid of that temptation before it’s too late.

2) Lose touch. Too many people think that casually chatting will be a good way to build your friendship. Well, that may be true… but if you’re really trying to get over the person still and lose the emotional connection you still feel toward him/her (no matter how strong), you have to cut off the relationship. Exceptions include shared responsibilities such as taking care of your kids. But as much as you can, cut the person from your life if you need to get rid of your feelings for him/her.

3) Make relationship resolutions. Learn from the love that you shared. Think about what you need in your next partner and what your deal breakers are. Think about how you contributed to the failed relationship and how you can improve your communication or approach in the next relationship. We can all learn a great deal from divorce, and those lessons can truly help our future relationships.

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