Getting a Divorce — What is the Best Route for You?

scissors-smallNo one wants to deal with a divorce, but it is a situation that occurs more often than we would like. Because divorce can be a long and difficult process it is vital to pick the right family law attorney.

You will want someone to guide you through this strenuous process from beginning until the end. If children are involved, you will want professionals with expertise in this area of family law.

Divorce Options

There are three main routes to take during a divorce. Mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation.

Meditation tends to be the least costly but will only be successful if both parties are willing to work together with one expert. All documents and matters discussed in mediation are completely confidential, however, the final judgement does become a public document and is filed with the court. This route of divorce is often the quickest route.

Collaborative divorces involve divorce lawyers for each party involved. It generally costs more than mediation and will also take longer because there are both meetings with just the client and their divorce lawyers, as well as the other party and their divorce lawyers. Everything, except the final judgement, is kept confidential.

Litigation often results when the parties involved cannot agree or work with each other, or if there is a history of abuse, or a history of a power imbalance. This process is not private — all of the pleadings are put into the public record. Litigation is the most costly of all the options because if the case goes to full litigation it can go on for a long time thus driving the cost of the divorce up. A judge will make the final decision in this type of divorce, but it can be appealed which can drive the cost up even more. This divorce route takes the longest as well.

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney

Making sure you hire the right divorce lawyers is essential, but how do you know you have the right attorney for your needs?

The first step is  research. You want to make sure you find a lawyer with a successful, proven track record. You want to make sure you ask a lot of questions. The only bad question is the one you don’t ask. This is your life, your future, you need to feel comfortable with your choice. Make sure to ask questions about the firm, about the lawyers, about your case, and about your costs, as well as the lawyers’ expectations for you.

Don’t be afraid of talking to several law firms before making your decision. It will be time-consuming, but this is definitely something you want to make sure you get right, so take your time.

Making the decision to get a divorce isn’t easy. The process of getting a divorce isn’t easy. There is no way to sugarcoat it to make it magically become a wonderful experience, but selecting the right divorce lawyers, make all the difference. You will need experience you can trust.  So do your research, ask questions, and be clear about your needs. You can make it through this process and perhaps come out a little better off.


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