Finding Love Post-Divorce

Finding LoveFinding the “one” is not easy, but what if you thought you found the “one” but you were wrong and now you’re trying again? That can be even harder. Going through a divorce or separation and then trying to date again is rarely easy. Even in a place like California with tons of romantic date spots, dating post-split is a challenge. HuffPost Divorce states that there is no exact period of time someone should wait prior to dating again, contrary to many studies.

Divorced singles may have a hard time finding love again due to time commitments  attachments to exes, not knowing where to look, being scared to fall for the wrong person again, etc. But no matter how much you may actually try to avoid dating, it may just happen on its own.

The important thing to remember is that there’s no equation that fits everyone. Each divorced single will have his/her own time frame and way to start dating. The important thing is to get out their and try to meet someone if that’s what you want to do. But give it time. You probably won’t fall in love again right away– and that’s a good thing.