May 2013: Financial Considerations in Divorce

Securing Your Finances and Property in Divorce

Along with emotional concerns, your financial situation is going to be a primary focus throughout your divorce case. It’s important to understand how marital property can be divided, and what your personal and court responsibilities are in each property ruling

Community Property vs. Separate Property

There are three types of property in a California marriage: community property, separate property, and quasi-community property. Learn more about different types of property.

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Dividing Debt & Property

When sorting out property between spouses during a divorce, community property and debt are divided evenly. However, because a house can’t be split down the middle, there are some other ways to level out community property during a divorce

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Common Errors in Business Valuations in Divorce Proceedings

There are quite a few common errors made in business valuations during divorce proceedings. All of these problems can be corrected before they arise.

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The Need for Forensic Accountants in Divorce

The work of a forensic accountant is critical when valuing and dividing property in a complex divorce. A forensic accountant analyzes documents to help the court decide on child and spousal support payments, as well as how to divide community property.

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