Divorce: What You Need to Survive

Bohm Wildish: Divorce Advice – If there’s ever a time you need distraction, it’s when you’re going through a divorce. Ending a marriage or separating from someone that has been the center of your world can take over all of your thoughts. It’s important to think about the divorce when need be, but not let it consume your world constantly.

Cartoonist Tracy Schorn recently shared the seven things that helped her get through divorce. A few of these things might be the distractions you need to take your mind off the pain, at least temporarily.

  1. Songs- Don’t listen to the sappy, romantic, breakup songs. Listen to music that will put you in a great mood.
  2. This quote: “All experience is great providing you live through it. If it kills you, you’ve gone too far.” -Alice Neel
  3. A splurge- buy something you wouldn’t normally purchase.
  4. Your favorite restaurant- frequent the places that you enjoy visiting
  5. Inspiration- think about what inspires you. Art? Museums? Nature? Fill your life with it!
  6. A book- Don’t think it needs to be a book about divorce. But what about a book about a life well-lived?
  7. Hobbies- Find new ones and explore old ones. They can be a great thing to put your energy toward.

These may seem pointless, but you’d be surprised how much focusing on the little things in life can actually keep you grounded and emotionally healthy. Spend time with your children and friends, explore new hobbies, and recognize what makes you happy in life. And then splurge a little!

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