Divorce: A New Year’s Resolution

Posted by California Divorce Lawyer: It’s mid-way through December, so if you haven’t started thinking of your new year’s resolutions yet… it’s time. “Divorce” is certainly not as common as “going to the gym” when it comes to resolutions. In fact, it may seem odd. However, Bari Weinberger, Esq. believes that it’s fairly common… and a good idea.

According to a recent HuffPost Divorce article, January is the most with the most divorce filings. Here are three reasons why you might want to jump on the bandwagon:

1) New year, new you: Enjoy the holidays. Don’t file for divorce early or mid-December unless you really need to. Let the holiday spirit get you through that time and into the new year. This is especially true for parents who know the divorce will upset their children.

2) Bonus check: A more logical reason might be that you just received your holiday bonus. Divorce is expensive and you’ll want to figure out your budget as a single person again for the new year. A holiday bonus is definitely a good way to start off the year/divorce process on the right foot.

3) Planning for the new tax year: There are many divorce tax implications, and it’s smart to finish the year before drastically changing your financial circumstances. You will have more time to attend to tax planning for the year, figuring out things like who will get the mortgage interest deduction and who will take exemptions for kids. While filing in January doesn’t guarantee that you will meet the end of year requirements for filing differently next year…you have a better chance.


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