Disconnect Online

If signing on to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is making it difficult for you to emotionally let go of you of your ex; if you find yourself tempted to log in and follow the activities of your ex, perhaps you need to disconnect. To avoid the pain, stress and probably the sadness brought on by tracking the pictures and messages posted by your previous spouse you can unfriend him/her and anyone else who he/she is interacting with online. You could also temporarily deactivate your social media accounts.  Whatever it takes to break this unhealthy cycle and help you get on with your life, do it. Most people going through a divorce or separation find it best to be as removed as possible from their former spouse. Continually following that person can drastically slow down your healing process.

Spend time with friends and family. Go out more often. After a divorce you really need to be with people who support you. If you can’t get together with positive friends and family, and need to communicate online stick to only those people who make you feel better.
Other online considerations – Just as a precaution, change your passwords. (There is no need to take any risks).  Delete photos that make you sad.
Start anew making new friends and creating new memories.

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