Casual Sex – Good Idea?

Everyone agrees that after a divorce or separation, each individual needs to heal. Even the easiest of divorces are never simple, and you may struggle with feelings of regret and nostalgia for months or years after you split from your spouse. The way that people should heal, however, if a much debated topic. Some people believe in therapy, others believe in exercise, while some believe in diving into religion or hobbies. What about sex?

It’s been said that people who seem to be at the final stages of recovery from divorce wonder how or when they’ll ever have sex again. It might be a daunting feeling because for many years you never had to wonder about sex. (Well, you had to wonder less.) You at least knew how you’d be having sex with- hopefully your husband or wife. But now you’re back on the prowl and you haven’t been single and looking for quite some time.

For those people that decide to have casual sex, is it healthy post-divorce or separation? If your ex has the children for the weekend, is it something you should pursue? We don’t have an answer because it’s different for each person. Some people believe that if you’re emotionally ready and don’t feel attached to your ex any longer, casual sex can bring happiness, relaxation and the reminder that life will go on without your ex. Many other people, however, believe that you should not have sex until you’re in another committed relationship, and that time of healing should be about discovering yourself. Finally, many argue that sex is never casual and that someone always gets emotionally involved. One thing is for sure– we can agree that if you view the sex as casual but your partner has a differing view, problems will ensue. Figure out what works best for you and how you will best recover and move past your divorce.