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Calculator Disclaimer and Terms of Use

This calculator is for estimation only. Although our testing has produced results consistent with the calculators that the courts use due to the use of the same mathematical formula, no guarantee is made regarding its accuracy nor will we accept any liability from your use of the program.

This calculator does not constitute legal advice and is limited to estimation of spousal support (SS) and child support (CS) based on limited input. You should consult a qualified attorney to obtain accurate legal advice regarding your specific SS and CS rights and obligations. The courts use certified software programs to determine support, and these programs are the only support calculations admissible in court. This calculator is not certified or admissible for court use. This calculator uses the mathematical formulas found in the California Family Code and other Rules of Court and is current through the 2010 legislative session. The results of this program have been tested and, within its design scope, found to closely approximate those as determined by the officially approved programs. However, this calculator does not consider certain factors including, but not limited to, itemized deductions, the alternative minimum tax, or the earned income credit. Therefore, the computations of net income (after income taxes) may not be accurate, especially if your tax affairs are complex. The calculations in this program are not guaranteed and no warranty as to its accuracy or matching to other programs is made, either express or implied. To obtain more detailed information, you should contact a qualified attorney in your geographic area.