20 Recommended Books on Divorce

recommended divorce booksWe recommend our clients and friends who deal with divorce focus on getting all the help they need, be it from an attorney, counselor, friends, and, of course, books. We have read or heard good things about each of the following books (Best books on divorce are not listed in any particular order).

Grieving and Recovery

1.    The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses including Health, Career, and Faith by John W. James

2.    How to Survive the Loss of Love by Peter McWilliams, Harold H. Bloomfield, and Melba Colgrove

3.    Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher

4.    Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You by Susan J. Elliott JD Med

5.    Healing A Broken Heart: A Guided Journal Through the Four Seasons of Relationship Recovery by Sarah La Saulle and Sharon Kagan

Recommend Parenting and Divorce Books

6.    The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict after a Difficult Divorce by Elizabeth Thayer Ph.D. and Jeffrey Zimmerman Ph.D.

7.    Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making Two Homes for Your Child by Isolina Ricci

8.    When Children Grieve: For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and Other Losses by John W. James, Russell Friedman, and Dr. Leslie Matthews

9.    Divorce Poison: Protecting the Parent-Child Bond from a Vindictive Ex by Richard A. Warshak

10.  Divorce & New Beginnings: A Complete Guide to Recovery, Solo Parenting, Co-Parenting, and Stepfamilies by Genevieve Clapp


11.    Falling Apart in One Piece: One Optimist’s Journey Through the Hell of Divorce by Stacy Morrison

12.    Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

13.    Happily Ever After Marriage: There’s Nothing Like Divorce to Clear the Mind  by Sarah Hampson

14.    A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce by Alec Baldwin

15.    A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation by Michael Jeffries with Dr. Joel Davies

Children and Teen Books on Divorce

16.    Two Homes by Claire Masurel and Kady MacDonald Denton (ages 8 and younger)

17.    Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown (ages 8 and younger)

18.    Dear Judge (Kid’s Letters to the Judge) by Charlotte Hardwick (ages 9-12)

19.    Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way by M. Gary Neuman and Patricia Romanowski (ages 6-17)

20.    Surviving Divorce: Teens Talk About What Hurts And What Helps by Trudi Strain Trueit (teens)

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