Signs You Need to Find a New Divorce Lawyer

fire divorce lawyer signsFiring your divorce lawyer is not as complicated as you might think. Just look at the divorce of Siohvaughn Wade, the estranged wife of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. Siohvaughn has fired nine divorce lawyers in a little more than two years.

All joking aside, don’t take firing a divorce lawyer lightly. You should only do so if you are certain your attorney has negatively impacted your divorce case, and you are convinced things won’t get better with his or her representation.

But beware. Hiring a new divorce attorney in the midst of a divorce can get costly and will definitely require more time of your time. However, if your divorce lawyer does any of the following consistently, consider it a sign that you may need to fire your lawyer.

Everyone forgets small details sometimes, but in a divorce case those small details can make for huge problems. If your divorce attorney says any of the following often, then it’s time to reconsider.

  • You never called me. I’d remember if you did.
  • I don’t think you sent any copies of that statement.
  • I told you about court today, didn’t I?
  • We billed your for those two hours because that’s how long the phone call lasted. Right?
  • I thought you checked all the forms.

Passes the buck
Fire an attorney who passes the buck to the other attorneys at his own firm or to your spouse’s attorney. At some point, your attorney needs to provide solutions for you.

Treats you like a run-of-the-mill divorce case
While family law remains consistent, it’s important that your attorney look at your case with fresh eyes. Sure, there will be similarities between your divorce and the divorces of others, but YOUR divorce matters to YOU, so make sure to hire an attorney who cares about your unique divorce.

If your attorney says any of the following, consider it a sign.

  • This is how I always do it.
  • Why would your situation be any different?
  • Husbands always say that.

Forgets to fill you in
You should expect copies of all correspondence and your phone calls returned within a reasonable time frame.

Makes incorrect claims
If your attorney tells you things like “your credit will be fine in a couple years” or “it’s easy to transfer your airline miles,” then you need to take notice.

Superiority complex
Don’t believe an attorney who says she never makes mistakes or never loses a case.