Top 26 Funniest Break Up and Divorce Movies

Break ups and divorce are not something to laugh about, but there’s no denying that it feels good to find comedy in life, especially during stressful times. Humorous books, stand-up comedy, laughter clubs (yes, they do exist), and funny movies all present an opportunity for you to let go and have some fun.

Don’t let your divorce consume you. Take time to laugh.

There are studies to prove that smiling and laughter help speed up the grieving process. According to a report released by the American Psychological Association, “The expression of genuine positive emotion (particularly Duchenne laughter) during bereavement relates to heightened adjustment on a variety of levels.”

Even if you only laugh for a moment or two, it’s enough to get your mind and body back on track. Laughter has been found to improve your cardiovascular health, increase your appetite, relax your muscles, and boost your immune system. So really, what reason do you have not to laugh?

The below list of funny break up and divorce movies is not complete (there are hundreds more), but these are some of our favorites. It should also be noted that not all of these movies solely focus on divorcing or breaking up. Some of these films might only reference the topic once, but we feel that one reference is enough for that good laugh.

And now, without much further adieu, here are the top 26 funniest break up and divorce movies:

  1. Liar Liar
  2. Old School
  3. War of the Roses
  4. Wedding Crashers
  5. Talladega Nights
  6. Swingers
  7. Sweet Home Alabama
  8. Happiness
  9. First Wives Club
  10. Along Came Polly
  11. Mrs. Doubtfire
  12. The Breakup
  13. Bruce Almighty
  14. Annie Hall
  15. Someone Like You
  16. High Fidelity
  17. Broken Flowers
  18. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  19. The Hangover
  20. It’s Complicated
  21. Can’t Buy Me Love
  22. What Happens in Vegas
  23. Parenthood
  24. Four Christmases
  25. The Royal Tenenbaums
  26. Bridget Jones’ Diary