Getting Divorced? Careful What You Put on Facebook

Now that you and your spouse have decided to split, it’s time to rethink how you use Facebook. Not only will the communications with your spouse, family, and friends change as a result of your divorce, but what you say could end up in the hands of your spouse’s divorce lawyer. Be careful!

Follow these five tips to make sure Facebook doesn’t hurt your relationships or your case.

Facebook Tip #1 – Practice Responsible Wall Posting

You may be upset, but venting on Facebook is inappropriate. Your comments don’t just insult your spouse, they could insult your children, family members, and friends who care about either one of you. To make matters worse, defaming posts or incriminating posts could negatively impact your divorce case. Printed screen shots of Facebook accounts can be used as evidence in a divorce case.

Facebook Tip #2 – Re-Evaluate Photos

Look back at your photo albums and remove photos that could be interpreted as inappropriate – even if the behavior was innocent. Also, be sure to “untag” yourself from photos published by friends.

Facebook Tip #3 – Revisit Your Friend List

It’s difficult to lose “couple friends” and other friends you made through your spouse. However, if you are going through a nasty divorce, it might be best to “un-friend” those you no longer consider a close friend as a result of the divorce. What you say and do can be held against you…

Facebook Tip #4 – Update Your “Info” Page

If you decide to enter into a new relationship before your divorce becomes final, leave the Relationship Status field blank.

Facebook Tip #5 -Update Your Privacy Settings

This tip is last, but it’s definitely not the least important tip. In fact, it’s one of the most important. Take the time to review your account settings and update your privacy choices. Even if you “un-friend” someone, he or she can still see your photos and posts unless you set your privacy settings so they can’t.

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