Divorce Stress Syndrome and Your Health

A growing body of research shows both men and women deal with “divorce stress syndrome” during and after a split. Yes, emotional stress from a divorce can cause both short- and long-term health problems. One way to alleviate these challenges is to hire a well-rounded support team, which can include a qualified divorce lawyer, a financial planner and a therapist.

Men, women and divorce stress

For couples with children, women file for divorce in 70 percent of all cases, so says the National Center for Health Statistics. This means while the wife has been gearing up emotionally for the divorce, the husband can be thrown into the shock of a marital breakdown. Men are more likely to feel anger and rejection while women suffer more from financial support and loss of status issues.

The early stages of divorce

Remember, divorce is like bereavement. The “loss” of a spouse starts a grieving process much like the death of a close friend of family member. This relationship devastation can lead to depression and ill health.

Your “divorce team” can help you decrease divorce stress syndrome symptoms like anxiety, negativity and potential depression by supporting you with top notch advice about the divorce process, finances, child custody and emotional tension.

Adjusting to divorce

Eventually, both men and women overcome the anger, the frustration and the uncertainties a divorce can bring to your life. Some studies show that individuals who expect to compromise maintain a more positive mental outlook and physical health. Your divorce team can prepare you for things like adjusting to being alone, spending less time with your children or living an apartment lifestyle.

Still think nothing good can come from divorce? Within a year or two after divorce, most individuals report they have better mental health, including:

  • A home no longer filled with tension
  • A better relationship with their children
  • More freedom to fulfill life goals, passions and interests
  • More time to focus on their career
  • A better outlook on intimate relationships

For sure, divorce can be devastating. But with a divorce team in place, you can sail through the process with greater ease and better overall health.