Is a Divorce Attorney Necessary?

California Divorce: Do you really need a lawyer when you get divorced in California? Technically, no, you do not. But as they say, a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. This is typically stated in the context of a criminal trial, but it is usually on target for divorce as well. Whether your divorce is complex – with issues like child support and alimony – or it is amicable and uncontested, a divorce attorney can be a powerful ally to have on your side. Here are some top reasons why you need a divorce lawyer:

Paperwork! Do you know what happens when your divorce paperwork is filed in a California court? Nothing. The paperwork is stamped and stored. Nothing proceeds unless and until you, or your representative, initiate the process. It can be difficult to know what comes next and which steps you have to take, especially given the constantly shifting nature of divorce and family laws. Do you need temporary relief? Do you need a custody and/or child support order? Do you need an order allowing you to move out of state or sell community property? Do you know how to do that? Do you have time to do that? A lawyer, or his/her staff, can handle these details for you, ensuring that it is done correctly and within time constraints. California divorce attorneys Bohm Wildish can guide you through the Los Angeles and Orange County Family Court system. Lean more about the California divorce process.

Impartiality. When a marriage is ending, it is difficult to think clearly or without emotion on such essential issues as child custody or alimony. In some cases, one party may want to take punitive action; on the other hand, many people are unable to believe their former partner would treat them unfairly. In either case, the impartiality of a divorce lawyer can help you make the decisions that best represent your best interests, as well as those of your children.

Unbundling. It is increasingly common for people to hire a family law attorney to handle certain aspects of their case rather than handing over everything and putting it in their control. Unbundling, also called limited scope representation, can amount to consultation, document preparation, and/or limited representation in court. This saves money and gives you the benefit of expert advice and assistance.

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Fear, Lying, or Unfair Treatment. If you are in fear of your partner or think he may be lying to you (by hiding assets, for instance), hiring a divorce lawyer becomes even more important. In situations where violence is feared, a lawyer can not only help you attain a restraining order, but can help you get money from joint accounts. If a spouse suspects the other party of hiding assets, a lawyer can work with a forensic accountant to track down the missing money. In cases like this, it is important that your rights are heard and represented in court.

When you are going through a legal separation or divorce in Orange County or Los Angeles, it can be vital that you have an attorney that can guide you through the process. Whether it is for the purposes of filing paperwork properly or helping you stand up for yourself when your spouse is taking vindictive or punitive action, a divorce or family attorney <insert link to article 3> can be a solid presence in a tumultuous time.