California Divorce Attorney Advice: The Benefits of an Out of Court Settlement

California divorce settlementYou have reached the conclusion that divorce is inevitable and you now want to make decisions that will be the best for your family and your situation. These decisions revolve around many factors including what is the best possible way to settle your divorce. So, you’re going to need to decide if it’s in your best interest to spend the time and money on a long court battle involving litigation or if it’ll be possible for you to close this chapter of your life in a more rapid fashion at a lower cost by settling out of court.

Clearly in complex divorce cases where agreements cannot be made on asset division and/or custody issues, litigation is the better and sometimes only option. But if your case is not extremely complicated, there are some very clear benefits to settling out of court.

Discover the Benefits of an Out of Court Divorce Settlement

First, as stated above, the largest benefit to settling your divorce out of court is that it will be more cost efficient and less time consuming. Complex cases involving litigation, where there are large amounts of assets to be divided or custody disagreements, could take years to complete and end up costing you anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Settling out of court means you will not have to spend large sums of money on separate lawyers or be forced to spend excess time in a California Court.

The next benefit of settling your case out of court is that you and your spouse will have the ability to come to conclusions about the division of your assets together. Instead of handing over a large portion of control to lawyers that will present your information to a judge for a final decision, settling out of court means that you and your spouse will be able to make decisions on the assets that mean the most to you. In this situation, you and your spouse will have the most control over the outcome of your case.

Lastly, out of court settlement represents the best option for situations involving children. You and your spouse will be able to mutually come to terms regarding custody and again will not leave that task up to lawyers and a judge. Agreeing on the terms together will effectively be better for future communication between you and your spouse and will help create a better situation for your children after the divorce has been finalized.

An Experienced California Divorce Attorney Will Help You in Your Time of Need

If you’ve come to this point and you have questions or are concerned about which decision is the best for you and your family, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced and trained California Divorce Attorney. Contact usto get the answers that you’re looking for and explore the options that best suit your situation.