California Spousal Support

Spousal Support in California Divorce

Spousal support in the state of California can be a very complicated matter. Before you move forward with your divorce, it is a good idea for you to gather some information about how spousal support is calculated and more about the topic in general.

We have designed this section of the California Divorce Guide to offer you insight into all of the intricacies of spousal support. Within in it you will find information on the complex formula that is used to figure the amount of support to be paid, the benefits that can be gained from being married for ten years or longer, and the specific methods that can be used to modify the amount of support that is paid.

Be sure to take a look at our California child and spousal support calculator to get an idea of how much money will be paid and also utilize this section as a resource of all the information you will need to know about spousal support.

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