Emergency Orders in California – The Ex Parte Process

There are some circumstances, such as domestic violence or child abuse, that require swift action. If you are facing immediate danger, again, you need to contact law enforcement immediately. Remember, your safety is of the utmost importance and you must take action if you feel threatened. After you contact law enforcement, it might be suggested that you file for Ex Parte Orders to temporarily protect you and your family from any potential danger.

Ex Parte Orders are only available under extreme circumstances.

How Ex Parte Orders Get You Immediate Protection

Since it normally takes approximately six weeks to get a case to trial, filing for an Ex Parte Order is the best way for you to get enforcement orders if you are in immediate danger or if you feel your situation is an emergency. For instance, an Ex Parte Order could have your abuser removed from your home until a hearing can be scheduled to decide if a lengthier order needs to be put into place.

Ex Parte: The Basics

  • Ex Parte Orders are only available under extreme circumstances.
  • In order to be approved, the applicant must prove that great injury would be caused if immediate attention is not taken.
  • Typically utilized for immediate attention in regards to cases involving domestic violence, child custody, or child abduction.
  • The applicant will get the order approved without the abuser being able to rebut the applicant’s claims.
  • The orders are temporary, lasting until the next “Orders to Show Cause” hearing, which can be no longer than 21 days after the filing. At this hearing a judge will decide if the order should remain permanent.

Allow California law, along with our compassion and knowledge, help keep your family safe from danger.