California Divorce Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice for Surviving a California Divorce

A divorce involves more than just application of the law.  It impacts lives in many ways, and it can be difficult to recover from the setbacks.

To help those suffering from the difficulties in divorce, we have created a thorough collection of divorce tips and divorce advice that benefit most all people going through a divorce.

Learn how you can better protect yourself and your family from the damaging psychological effects of divorce, the changes in finances that occur and the shock of new life that divorce force you to lead when it is finished.

Featured Articles

Five Tips for Protecting Yourself and Your Children During Divorce

Divorce is complicated to begin with and having children only makes matters more difficult to resolve. There are some things that you can do early in your divorce to protect your rights as a parent and to limit the impact that divorce will have on your children. Read more about protecting yourself and your children during divorce.

Ten Money-Saving Tactics During Divorce

During divorce, you will be forced to make significant financial changes. Often times, one income now needs to support two households. Many people going through a divorce ignore this fact and set themselves up for serious financial problems after their divorce is final. Read how to save money during your divorce.

Ten Common Threats Made During Divorce

During the divorce process, spouses will often lob threats and hurtful remarks at each other as things become heated. If you are prepared for these threats, you may be able to deal with them better. Read more about ten common threats made during divorce.