California Divorce Guide

We are happy to provide you with the California Divorce Guide, a thorough explanation of the California divorce process. The California Divorce Guide is also full of tips on how to handle your divorce financially, emotionally, and with respect to your family. It is your comprehensive resource on all aspects of the California divorce process. Even better, it was written by attorneys and other experts, so there is a solid legal foundation to all of the information contained within the guide.

  • An unmatched level of insight not found elsewhere
  • Hundreds of pages of analysis on the current state of the law
  • The knowledge foundation you need to make an informed choice
  • Supplemented with short videos to provide quick answers and information you can use

Feel free to bookmark pages that you find interesting, email links to yourself or a friend or family member, or print out pages to refer to later.

Nothing replaces the professional representation of a family law attorney, but it’s our hope that this guide gives you the understanding you need to navigate the California family law system with less confusion and less stress – regardless of whether you choose to hire a California divorce lawyer or not.

How to Use the California Divorce Guide

You can use the California Divorce Guide in two ways. First, you can read the guide in its entirety, like a book, learning about the entire divorce process. Or, you can use it as a reference, visiting the site to read specific sections as you arrive at that stage in the divorce process.

On the move? A mobile version of the California Divorce Guide is always available by visiting this site on your phone.